So you want to be creative!?!

What makes what you create special is you, your mark , your style, what you love. No magic recipe and secret ingredient, it’s you. But the problem ? you are just getting started at your creative juices flowing and you need some inspiration. You have this idea and you are ready to tackle it but you hit a roadblock or two. I am not going to lie, I used to be hurt when someone else wanted to make what I made , exactly like it….. fast forward a few years and I am totally flattered. In fact I give you permission to copy me!!!! Shut the front door, I said copy it!!!! 🙂 Thats right I don’t mean copy it in a steal my pictures and use copyrighted things. I mean if a certain clothing design or fabric or paint color inspires you , use it as your jumping point, yours will turn out different in the end, resulting in your own style. So find what inspires you then try to “recreate” it.  I started creating in a pre pinterest era, before blogs, tutorials and youtube resulting in many trials. So search the blogs, pinterest and magazines. Find what inspires you , what look you want , what you want to recreate in your own way. And then watch out those creative juices start to flow, once that happens don’t let your husbands send me hate mail (lol) 😉

My top “copied” outfit design from pink lemonade

232323232fp635_3_nu=32_8_37__598_WSNRCG=37_4578646336nu0mrjI cannot count how many emails I got about my limited pink lemonade summer set and I was flattered fellow seamstresses were inspired to create on like it , with their own twist. Photo credit is courtesy of Teri  ; Hopefully someday soon she will have her own photography page so I can link you all 😉

At some point though you need to stop looking at what’s hot and trendy for anything you create and start creating what’s you …. .thats where I am today and why I created this blog.

1 copy

Photo Credit :

A long time I ago I stopped searching what’s trendy, going to be trendy and other sites and started do what I love , using fabrics I am drawn to , painting with colors I love.  Maybe its trendy maybe its not, it just what I love. I simply just LOVE bringing a little of that to you.

Taking someone “junque” and making it my special treasure weather its for my home or yours.

This dresser was found while cleaning out my husbands grandparents house , it was going to be trash , this is mid project , love the sunny yellow.

This dresser was found while cleaning out my husbands grandparents house , it was going to be trash , still mid project , love the sunny yellow.

I am not worried about my # or readers or how many likes I have on facebook. I am doing my own thing and throwing any sewing or design rules out the door ( not that I ever studied or followed them before). But I learned a long time ago through epic fails of trial after trial that I do things in a *unconventional * not the proper *totally off the wall kind of way….. and thats ok. Thats who I am. I am Pink Lemonade , I am Junque in the trunk , I am me….

What creative projects do you want to tackle? What inspires you?



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{not} so pretty pictures….

I have been driving myself nuts about pictures I have some really beautiful furniture pieces finished and ready to sell also, some just for my home. I have failed , for now at capturing the piece.  The beautiful layers of blues and the tigers eye maple that shows through in this super chippy milk paint piece. I tend to only want to share my successes as a seasoned DIY mama, but I was thinking the other night what draws me to my favorite websites, products and blog…. the pictures. Its all visual. Then it hit me that was the advice I was just given from a pro blogger, MMS herself, “blogs are visual”.  Who wants to see a dark blah photo? (BTW sorry for the big dark blah photo here)

chippy blue 020-001

Really pictures have always been my crutch.  It is no secret I have shared before I do not have a camera (it was old and broke) other than my outdated iphone. I heavily relied on the pictures of my photographer partners with my clothing line. I also relied on my talented friends with cameras. I can’t have them drop everything in there super busy lives to snap a few quick pics.

I love the way LULU Photography captured my hand drawn- hand cut applique. She is an amazingly talented mama <3. It is truly a art and she captures it perfect every time.


I know apps like photo toaster and instagram are fabulous when the lighting is right. I took this picture outside this summer of my 3 year old, I edit it in phototoaster. Isnt he sweet 🙂 Not bad for just a quick phone pic.

summer 2013 246

But when I come inside to take pictures of things I created, painted etc……In reality I can’t call my photographer friends everytime I need a quick picture  or ship a large empire dresser to another state to be professionally photographed.  My pictures are mostly dark. I tore apart my downstairs yesterday rearranging. I was determined and inspired to get a nice clean , crisp , bright picture of a recently painted dresser I did.


 Fail…. a {not} so pretty picture…. I wanted to capture what I see here in person. I am not a photographer and leave that to my professional and talented friends.  But I want pics I can be proud of to share with you,  my tutorials and DIY projects. Not a *dark*color way off* ugly* kind of pics. I want to feel confident enough to link a piece of mine up to another blog for a contest or link party. Like perfectly imperfect contest here:

My point for today…. I am still entering my piece today at Perfectly Imperfect blog even though I lack in photography skill, I need to put myself out there and grow from each experience. My 9 year old daughter put it best “mom you teach yourself everything”. So its time I put on my big girl pants and conquer my crutch , photography. I am going to read, research , grow and maybe even  invest in a camera. Nothing too fancy or expensive, one that I can learn and grow enough to take a clear pic.  I am sure I won’t regret capturing more “unblurred” memories of my 4 kiddos. Maybe, a pretty picture of what I created along the way. If you know of any good tutorials , or maybe have some wisdom to share on photography, please do share.  😉

xoxo Becky

If you want to read more about this makeover of this dresser you can find it here :