{not} so pretty pictures….

I have been driving myself nuts about pictures I have some really beautiful furniture pieces finished and ready to sell also, some just for my home. I have failed , for now at capturing the piece.  The beautiful layers of blues and the tigers eye maple that shows through in this super chippy milk paint piece. I tend to only want to share my successes as a seasoned DIY mama, but I was thinking the other night what draws me to my favorite websites, products and blog…. the pictures. Its all visual. Then it hit me that was the advice I was just given from a pro blogger, MMS herself, “blogs are visual”.  Who wants to see a dark blah photo? (BTW sorry for the big dark blah photo here)

chippy blue 020-001

Really pictures have always been my crutch.  It is no secret I have shared before I do not have a camera (it was old and broke) other than my outdated iphone. I heavily relied on the pictures of my photographer partners with my clothing line. I also relied on my talented friends with cameras. I can’t have them drop everything in there super busy lives to snap a few quick pics.

I love the way LULU Photography captured my hand drawn- hand cut applique. She is an amazingly talented mama <3. It is truly a art and she captures it perfect every time.


I know apps like photo toaster and instagram are fabulous when the lighting is right. I took this picture outside this summer of my 3 year old, I edit it in phototoaster. Isnt he sweet 🙂 Not bad for just a quick phone pic.

summer 2013 246

But when I come inside to take pictures of things I created, painted etc……In reality I can’t call my photographer friends everytime I need a quick picture  or ship a large empire dresser to another state to be professionally photographed.  My pictures are mostly dark. I tore apart my downstairs yesterday rearranging. I was determined and inspired to get a nice clean , crisp , bright picture of a recently painted dresser I did.


 Fail…. a {not} so pretty picture…. I wanted to capture what I see here in person. I am not a photographer and leave that to my professional and talented friends.  But I want pics I can be proud of to share with you,  my tutorials and DIY projects. Not a *dark*color way off* ugly* kind of pics. I want to feel confident enough to link a piece of mine up to another blog for a contest or link party. Like perfectly imperfect contest here:


My point for today…. I am still entering my piece today at Perfectly Imperfect blog even though I lack in photography skill, I need to put myself out there and grow from each experience. My 9 year old daughter put it best “mom you teach yourself everything”. So its time I put on my big girl pants and conquer my crutch , photography. I am going to read, research , grow and maybe even  invest in a camera. Nothing too fancy or expensive, one that I can learn and grow enough to take a clear pic.  I am sure I won’t regret capturing more “unblurred” memories of my 4 kiddos. Maybe, a pretty picture of what I created along the way. If you know of any good tutorials , or maybe have some wisdom to share on photography, please do share.  😉

xoxo Becky

If you want to read more about this makeover of this dresser you can find it here :


{Shop local} my neighbors table revealed & a thank you to Miss Mustard Seed

First of all I would like to state that no one is paying me to say all the nice things I am about to say. I just really truly deeply love these places , products & the people behind them. xo

A few weeks ago I found this picture floating around Facebook. I just knew I had to share it with you! Where I found it was amazing to me it was through another “junquers” profile in another state across the country, with no connection to our small town in ohio. We had exchanged a few email about some awesomes tees (which you will see me sporting soon). When I clicked on her profile to add her as a friend, there it was. This picture spoke to others in the same way it did to me ❤

 This picture was originally taken by the amazing lady behind a local shop here in East Palestine , Ohio.  1820 House, her hand poured artisan candles and soaps are amazing!!!  I have something from her store in just about every room in my house. Her business is a inspiration to me too. Too see more of her product click here…  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151941200534375&set=a.100913379374.86862.65284204374&type=1&theater

1820 house

These store and shops are the heart of our town. See the store on the left (with the red awning). That is our local hardware store, True Value. Many of my crazy DIY projects start and end from a trip to the local hardware store. I love this store and the people that work there. They always seem to have what I need and willing to help. I buy most of my paints here, I am crazy obsessed with painting and repainting the walls of my house inside and out …. literally. We have lived in this house 2 years, I have painted every room at least once and in many cases 2 or 3 times. I buy all my sanding sponges and paint brushes and tools here too. I find there brand of paints and brushes simply last longer.

We have  many more stores and artist that make up this small town and I frequently shop these stores too,  or get my midday latte to keep me going from the Coffee Stop . I will share what’s unique and special about these other stores in future post. But for today I want to remind you to go see what your town has to offer ….shop local not only this holiday season but year round, you never know what you might find. Even if its not a store , there are many of us who are at our dining room tables creating and dreaming big into the wee hours of the night to bring you something special.



Last week I shared a picture of a beautiful old antique table my neighbours dropped off for me to make over for their home.

blog 2 008-001

you can find the post here https://junqueinthetrunkgirls.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/a-little-of-this-that/

I used annie sloan chalk paint in old white for the top. I distressed with a sanding sponge and sealed with a clear coat of wax. I wanted an old antique look so I also applied a coat of dark wax.  When using wax , especially dark always use very little amount. I start on the edges and places I feel it would age more naturally and fan / blend into the middle. This looks more natural to me. My neighbour asked me how I knew exactly where to distress it and age the piece. I told her as silly as it sounds (insert pause here) I let every piece tell me a story. And see where it naturally happens. I do the same with my clothing designs and appliques. No two are ever the same. Each special and unique.

blog 2 007 On the legs I used a custom mix I made from MMS milk paint. I mixed equal parts ironstone and boxwood. I mixed a 1/4 cup ironstone with a 1/4 cup warm water and let set a few minutes and then I mixed in a 1/4 cup boxwood with a 1/4 cup water. I mixed and let sit. I got the beautiful original color that is perfect for a “pop” of color she was looking for.

blog 2 004

I love how this paint “chips” its always a surprise and so natural.

blog 2 009She loved how the table turned out and is bringing me 4 chairs tonight , I will be sure to share. The very first thing I ever made over for my home were my grandparents dining room chairs. In those days I did everything in black , I have since discovered color and my tastes, and repainted most of my all black pieces but have left those, they were the first and are special.

XOXO Becky

PS Last week I recieved a email message reply from Miss Mustard Seed herself! I was *over the moon excited* in the kind of way I spit my morning coffee out in disbelief!!!! I had thanked her for inspiring me to finally start a blog. She not only actually read my first post but saw something special enough to email me some advice & a hey “I loved that yellow dresser”…. And as always this message found me at the exact time I needed it the most, when I was thinking *what am I doing *this is the most epics of fails * why in the world* horrible idea kind of day.  Thank you for the encouragement, advice & here are the pictures made bigger 🙂 xoxo Becky

a little of this & that

Last night my sweet neighbors showed up at my front porch with this.

blog 2 008

She loves the finish on my dinning room table. So I got my helper this morning . And we went to work. Snack and all.

blog 2 012


I used annie sloan chalk paint in old white for the top. I am using a custom mix of mms milk paint I made for legs. Equal parts ironstone and boxwood. Just a little tip I learned the hard way a while back, mix the white (ironstone) first and then add the darker color (boxwood) . My test piece of wood. See the green frog tape, I am seriously obsessed with the stuff!! Use it all the time!! I only wish I had it when I did the diamond wall in the girls room this summer, would have saved me some time and frustration.

blog 2 015

I have the tabletop done and waxed.

blog 2 022

and a little mess from my helper…

blog 2 019

While picking up the toys and waiting for paint to dry I thought it would be a good idea to start on this …. here is sneak mid project.

blog 2 025


totally loving the chippy thing and can’t wait to make over this park of the kitchen / entry and share. So today was filled with hugs, helpers & half finished projects 😉

xoxo Becky