We are that small town ….

This picture that made it all the across the US on Facebook….

is our town.

We are that town…

1820 house

My heart is overflowed with gratitude today from all the hard work of our hometown heroes.

paint partywater 050

acts of kindness…

paint partywater 053

& donations that have been made over the past few days.

paint partywater 051Our workers have worked round the clock.

The community has come together.

Many have volunteered.

paint partywater 052

All of our faucets are just starting to flow, some still aren’t but, our gratitude cups are overflowed.

Our EP water department is still hard at work, Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

We are truly blessed.

xoxo, Becky

“love your town” picture was originally taken by 1820 house 🙂