{recipe} for MMS milk paint

Have you tried MMS milk paint yet? Have you been wanting too and still afraid to mix it?

Think of it like a recipe.


 Doenst mater if you cook like me ( guesstimate measurements) or you follow exactly what the recipe says. That is how we get our own comfort zone and style here in MMS paint world.

recipie for mms 015I had recieved some extra product in the mail from the fabulous All Dolled Up (her customer service gets a A+ from me). Inspired by her containers she uses in her store came this post & made me think of a recipe for “cooking”. I have mixed colors many of times but never thought to share in this way.
Here is what I like to mix with , good old plastic fork and dollar store plastic cups.

recipie for mms 018

Measurements for today’s recipe is I first mix 1/4 c paint to 1/4 c warm water. MMS french enamel here.

recipie for mms 019

I next mix my second color (boxwood) the same way and in a separate cup. 1/4c paint to 1/4c warm water. TIP: I always mixe my colors separate and then combine small amounts at a time to achieve what I want. In this case I added most of the boxwwod I had mixed.

recipie for mms 022

Next, not quiet what you want? Time to add some seasoning … my choice happens to be January’s color of the month Ironstone, I mixed a 1/8 c and added it.

recipie for mms 025

here is my “batter” all ready to go.

recipie for mms 026I think I will “icing” my piece with some yummy….

recipie for mms 028

Happy painting! Cant wait to see  what you cook up,




A quick peek into some projects I am finishing up in our winter weather here. Lots of snow= finished projects on the way.

IMG_0729 IMG_0675IMG_0338MMS milk paint blog can be found here:


All Dolled Up here:


Thanks ladies for all the inspiration!

Dining room chair revamp

I started with 6 of these beauties. How I got this dinning set is really a neat story, I will share when the table is done.


I painted them in chalk paint, pure white. Lightly distressed. And sealed with a clear wax.


No onto the seat cover…

seat covers are not in bad shape and in fact I like the fabric.

But they are a little dingy and dusty from being used a long time .

Re covering a chair cousin is super simple and requires no sewing 😉 A great way to revamp an old chair.

I start by removing the staples, yes with a screw drive, it’s what I had handy and works great.


Then my surprise underneath, another layer of fabric. I removed it the same way & set aside to use as a pattern piece.


The original cushions were in great shape and left as is.


I then took my “pattern” piece and cut a 1/2″ more out around the fabric to allow plenty of extra.


Now here is a tip if working with a pattern or strip fabric I grab my frog painters tape. Then I tape along the edges. This way I can flip cushion over to make sure pattern/ print is placed how I want


Then I stapled the edges & trim excess fabric …


and no she is ready for the chair 🙂


This is one of 6 for my sisters dining room, super excited to do this set for her.


Love how it turned out.


 now I off to finish some orders & strip the top of a desk 😉 Still waiting on the paint for the table to arrive, she is going to be trophy grey , ekk!



Incase you want the same fabric it was about 7$ a yard & great weight for home decor.


About me

I just finally got around to adding a little About me.

In addition here are some other things about me.

* I have a degree in education

* I live in a small town where my husband is from originally

* I grew up in a city

* I have celiacs and eat gluten-free

*We have moved several times since hubby and I have been married ( he is a teacher and football coach)

* We have 2 girls and 2 boys, ages 1, 3, 7 & 9

* we live in a 1920 something bungalow loaded with orignal charm and the most wonderful neighbors (including my bother in law)

Here are few snapshots of my family a friend took .





xoxo, Becky

{Inspiration} The kitchen

I must admit we have lived in the house a little over two years and I have made the hubby help me paint the kitchen (along with a few other rooms)2 different times. My constant painting and repainted has tought me a lot about how color appears from a paint chip to a wall. I know this has been said before but I really feel it’s the heart of the home. Its our hub for sure , its our dumping ground, paper collecting, little of everything room. There are also a few things that I don’t care for but I am happy we lived with for a while, I know how we use this space everyday.

Here is a picture of how it looks today. I don’t have any pictures of how it started in my pre blogging days. I am sure I don’t need to point out the dreadful ceiling and the lighting… those issues and the flooring are being addressed soon with some inexpensive and creative solutions. I marked some of my design ideas and if you know me things evolve as I go and my creative juices start to flow (including a DIY mason jar chandelier).


The kids bring in book bags, coats, lunch boxes , shoes & all sorts of papers.

so recently I added a 1920’s armorie a friend salvaged for me. I painted it in a milk paint i mixed very thin I wanted it chippy and very thin layers of paint. I wanted to look like it had been sitting around in a barn for ages.


This space where the armorie nows sits collected “junk” for 2 years. Now its functional.


We live on a real (small) budget and in a real house mixed with my love of DIY its a process and do as time and money allows. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t have style and organization, right !?! I love that feeling of i made it myself or the  yep we got that “junque”  for free ad made it into this! I think as a mom and wife we always look to find that balance.

Our home is very much lived in with chips on the floors.


and toys scattered among the floors ….


As I begin to look for fabric swatches ….


and inspiration…


I would love to hear what you all have to say.

How do you balance?

where do you go for inspiration?



{recap} & wrapping up projects

As the season is changing fall and football season is breezing to a end, I am reflecting.

Cheering on the Beavers and a great example of trying to capture all 4 kiddos at once .

Cheering on the Beavers and a great example of trying to capture all 4 kiddos at once .

Many projects started in my pre blogging days this past year that still need to be wrapped up.

Dining room set makeover for my sister and brother in law.

summer 2013 424Many rooms started to be decorated (and in some cases re decorated 😉 ) and changing kiddos rooms that have yet to be completed.

My girls room …

summer 2013 314

Wall decor for the boys room….

summer 2013 320

even a photo bomber during the dinning room makeover ..

summer 2013 401

A few burnt chickens on the grill …. yep I was sanding dressers to paint and cooking dinner at the same time not a good idea. lesson learned .

summer 2013 318

So as I clean, purge tidy up, finish these rooms and projects; I hope you will follow along for the adventure.

summer 2013 394

I will be sure to share my experiences, tips, tricks, tutorials and finished projects. But thought a recap would be good for when I pick up where I left off. I even have a few kitchen makeovers for friends and customers  in store to share this winter. Some slipcovers , custom pillows and cushions have also been requested. My customers and family sure do know how to keep me busy, in a very good kind of way 🙂

So as I try to capture that perfectly imperfect holiday card photo for this year … I will be sure to share these vintage finds and room makeovers with you. As I ship my last dress today from PinkLemonade (my clothing line) I am embracing the season and its change its brings to our home and my little new business adventure.

Our holiday card from last year ;)

Our holiday card from last year 😉

xoxo Becky

So you want to be creative!?!

What makes what you create special is you, your mark , your style, what you love. No magic recipe and secret ingredient, it’s you. But the problem ? you are just getting started at your creative juices flowing and you need some inspiration. You have this idea and you are ready to tackle it but you hit a roadblock or two. I am not going to lie, I used to be hurt when someone else wanted to make what I made , exactly like it….. fast forward a few years and I am totally flattered. In fact I give you permission to copy me!!!! Shut the front door, I said copy it!!!! 🙂 Thats right I don’t mean copy it in a steal my pictures and use copyrighted things. I mean if a certain clothing design or fabric or paint color inspires you , use it as your jumping point, yours will turn out different in the end, resulting in your own style. So find what inspires you then try to “recreate” it.  I started creating in a pre pinterest era, before blogs, tutorials and youtube resulting in many trials. So search the blogs, pinterest and magazines. Find what inspires you , what look you want , what you want to recreate in your own way. And then watch out those creative juices start to flow, once that happens don’t let your husbands send me hate mail (lol) 😉

My top “copied” outfit design from pink lemonade


232323232fp635_3_nu=32_8_37__598_WSNRCG=37_4578646336nu0mrjI cannot count how many emails I got about my limited pink lemonade summer set and I was flattered fellow seamstresses were inspired to create on like it , with their own twist. Photo credit is courtesy of Teri  ; Hopefully someday soon she will have her own photography page so I can link you all 😉

At some point though you need to stop looking at what’s hot and trendy for anything you create and start creating what’s you …. .thats where I am today and why I created this blog.

1 copy

Photo Credit : https://www.facebook.com/crystalinglephotography

A long time I ago I stopped searching what’s trendy, going to be trendy and other sites and started do what I love , using fabrics I am drawn to , painting with colors I love.  Maybe its trendy maybe its not, it just what I love. I simply just LOVE bringing a little of that to you.

Taking someone “junque” and making it my special treasure weather its for my home or yours.

This dresser was found while cleaning out my husbands grandparents house , it was going to be trash , this is mid project , love the sunny yellow.

This dresser was found while cleaning out my husbands grandparents house , it was going to be trash , still mid project , love the sunny yellow.

I am not worried about my # or readers or how many likes I have on facebook. I am doing my own thing and throwing any sewing or design rules out the door ( not that I ever studied or followed them before). But I learned a long time ago through epic fails of trial after trial that I do things in a *unconventional * not the proper *totally off the wall kind of way….. and thats ok. Thats who I am. I am Pink Lemonade , I am Junque in the trunk , I am me….

What creative projects do you want to tackle? What inspires you?



To be a “junquette” and  follow me more click here :


{Shop local} my neighbors table revealed & a thank you to Miss Mustard Seed

First of all I would like to state that no one is paying me to say all the nice things I am about to say. I just really truly deeply love these places , products & the people behind them. xo

A few weeks ago I found this picture floating around Facebook. I just knew I had to share it with you! Where I found it was amazing to me it was through another “junquers” profile in another state across the country, with no connection to our small town in ohio. We had exchanged a few email about some awesomes tees (which you will see me sporting soon). When I clicked on her profile to add her as a friend, there it was. This picture spoke to others in the same way it did to me ❤

 This picture was originally taken by the amazing lady behind a local shop here in East Palestine , Ohio.  1820 House, her hand poured artisan candles and soaps are amazing!!!  I have something from her store in just about every room in my house. Her business is a inspiration to me too. Too see more of her product click here…  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151941200534375&set=a.100913379374.86862.65284204374&type=1&theater

1820 house

These store and shops are the heart of our town. See the store on the left (with the red awning). That is our local hardware store, True Value. Many of my crazy DIY projects start and end from a trip to the local hardware store. I love this store and the people that work there. They always seem to have what I need and willing to help. I buy most of my paints here, I am crazy obsessed with painting and repainting the walls of my house inside and out …. literally. We have lived in this house 2 years, I have painted every room at least once and in many cases 2 or 3 times. I buy all my sanding sponges and paint brushes and tools here too. I find there brand of paints and brushes simply last longer.

We have  many more stores and artist that make up this small town and I frequently shop these stores too,  or get my midday latte to keep me going from the Coffee Stop . I will share what’s unique and special about these other stores in future post. But for today I want to remind you to go see what your town has to offer ….shop local not only this holiday season but year round, you never know what you might find. Even if its not a store , there are many of us who are at our dining room tables creating and dreaming big into the wee hours of the night to bring you something special.



Last week I shared a picture of a beautiful old antique table my neighbours dropped off for me to make over for their home.

blog 2 008-001

you can find the post here https://junqueinthetrunkgirls.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/a-little-of-this-that/

I used annie sloan chalk paint in old white for the top. I distressed with a sanding sponge and sealed with a clear coat of wax. I wanted an old antique look so I also applied a coat of dark wax.  When using wax , especially dark always use very little amount. I start on the edges and places I feel it would age more naturally and fan / blend into the middle. This looks more natural to me. My neighbour asked me how I knew exactly where to distress it and age the piece. I told her as silly as it sounds (insert pause here) I let every piece tell me a story. And see where it naturally happens. I do the same with my clothing designs and appliques. No two are ever the same. Each special and unique.

blog 2 007 On the legs I used a custom mix I made from MMS milk paint. I mixed equal parts ironstone and boxwood. I mixed a 1/4 cup ironstone with a 1/4 cup warm water and let set a few minutes and then I mixed in a 1/4 cup boxwood with a 1/4 cup water. I mixed and let sit. I got the beautiful original color that is perfect for a “pop” of color she was looking for.

blog 2 004

I love how this paint “chips” its always a surprise and so natural.

blog 2 009She loved how the table turned out and is bringing me 4 chairs tonight , I will be sure to share. The very first thing I ever made over for my home were my grandparents dining room chairs. In those days I did everything in black , I have since discovered color and my tastes, and repainted most of my all black pieces but have left those, they were the first and are special.

XOXO Becky

PS Last week I recieved a email message reply from Miss Mustard Seed herself! I was *over the moon excited* in the kind of way I spit my morning coffee out in disbelief!!!! I had thanked her for inspiring me to finally start a blog. She not only actually read my first post but saw something special enough to email me some advice & a hey “I loved that yellow dresser”…. And as always this message found me at the exact time I needed it the most, when I was thinking *what am I doing *this is the most epics of fails * why in the world* horrible idea kind of day.  Thank you for the encouragement, advice & here are the pictures made bigger 🙂 xoxo Becky

DIY sign Part 1: the chevron stripes

Before I jump right in to my first tutorial , it was brought to my attention my first 2 post are pages not post LOL . Just a bump in the road to starting a blog.  So until I figure out how to fix you can read here


and here


now for the tutorial 🙂

I had some leftover paint from previous projects and been itching to make a sign for my house.

 blog 003

The idea for this sign came from the old Flay’s packaging on display at our local Library. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time 😉 The color combo was perfect for that pop of color I was looking for and had the retro look I love.

here is a link to packaging inspiration , I found a picture in a local FB group 🙂


There is a special connection to my husbands family, my mother in laws grandmother was part owner for a while. My mother in law also has a great collection of the bottles and I have always admired them. So I found this to be fitting & meaningful for our home.

I started by dry brushing 3 pallet boards with left over old white chalk paint (annie sloan).  I then used frog tape and taped out a chevron pattern , they now have chevron painters tape if you didnt want to measure and tape 🙂  But I wanted mine to look more freehand and rustic. I ended up only using 2 of the boards in final sign and have one left over for another project.

blog 001I next used mustardseed yellow (mms milk paint) I had leftover from my dining room hutch redo. I painted the inside of the chevron lines and and before paint was dry I pulled off  tape. and got crisp clean lines.

blog 002

I then freehand the FLAY’S lettering using some different colors of paint I mixed , I also love using acrylic paint for this too. There are few different techniques I use when doing different fonts like in the “sparkling beverages” I will share with you in another tutorial I am working on for later this fall.  In part 2 of DIY signmaking.

Some things I always do when making sign

*I distress after the words are painted on, don’t be frustrated if you hate your sign before you distress it.  This will give it a more authentic and aged look and blends it all together nicely.

* I wax with one coat clear and buff to seal (waxing to seal a sign will be Part 3)

*add a little sparkle. I often use glitter spray paint over my signs, gives it that little extra.

blog 012 xoxo Becky

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