wordpress.org advice needed & the deep freeze

I am ready to get back in our “normal” routine from the holidays but we are going to enjoy a few more days of snuggling and batman adventures due to the deep freeze going on outside.

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I am seeking so advice on getting my blog over to wordpress.org. I have hosting already from Hostgator ( I have used them for years and my clothing website is through them. I also have my domain name. And a theme ready to be installed once the move is made. Emily from Blogaholics Designs is amazing to work with.



My question is any advice on doing so , is there an inexpensive way to have someone make the move for me? or is this something I can take on myself? Any input appreciated.



The Holidays :)

I must admit there was a time I let my business run me, especially around the holidays  & missed many of special moments because I had taken on too much sewing. Dont get me wrong I love every minute of it but that balance we are always seeking life.

Thursday, was an especially busy day here at my house I had to start and wrap up a few projects,had a few orders to ship. Make breakfast , pack lunches, do laundry and get everything ready for the kid’s school performance.


Well after my daughter’s hair was curled just the way she wanted. No time for dinner, so the pizza was ordered (something had to give, I am not super mom). She requested that I make her dress I had made  her more sparkle and add a frosty…. um ok…. its 5pm I have 30 minutes…

as I go down to my stash of fabric and turn on my machine to “whip” up something fabulous;

I reflected in that moment to years past. I am ashamed to admit I have missed many a school functions due to the fact I had orders to sew… piles …. totally blessed….totally insane at the same time. We have had a lot of twist and turns this year lead me to enjoying the holiday season this year and working smarter… can’t work less with 4 kids.

I paused in my thoughts & spotted a tee on top of a pile of fabric scraps. It has a frosty & he lights up, double-score!

 I immediately cut Frosty off the tee…. yep that happened.


rummaged through my scraps and grabbed some heat n bond and fired up the machines, iron & glue gun…


My daughter went through my stash of button and embellishments I use in my crafting craziness, mostly last years left overs.


As I finished up in just a few minutes to spare, I realized how special this was to my 9-year-old daughter.


I have been working smarter and harder. But also making time to soak up those crazy holiday moments.