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word of the year 2014

I hope you all decide to follow me over as I make the change . I was blown away by over 109 Facebooks share 800 and some readers for just one post. Thank you ūüôā

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We are that small town ….

This picture that made it all the across the US on Facebook….

is our town.

We are that town…

1820 house

My heart is overflowed with gratitude today from all the hard work of our hometown heroes.

paint partywater 050

acts of kindness…

paint partywater 053

& donations that have been made over the past few days.

paint partywater 051Our workers have worked round the clock.

The community has come together.

Many have volunteered.

paint partywater 052

All of our faucets are just starting to flow, some still aren’t but, our gratitude cups are overflowed.

Our EP water department is still hard at work,¬†Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

We are truly blessed.

xoxo, Becky

“love your town” picture was originally taken by 1820 house ūüôā

A few “junque” makeovers in the works

I was cleaning and making room in my work area for this dresser a friend saved for me and I made over….

the frozen days 043I found this card from almost 9 years ago, it survived several moves and a basements flood. I love how you find little “notes” and reminders from loved ones who have passed on. This¬†card my grandmother sent my oldest when she was 18 mths old. It was that little something special that my day needed.

We have been in extreme cold for Ohio these past few days and the kids have not gon back to school yet so wrapping up projects have been on the back burner. I did however manage to finish this desk. All she needs is some jewelry and new home.

the frozen days 047I custom mixed the drawer colors, the antique wax and made my own¬†“stain”. Still a little wet in this pic.

the frozen days 048The stain is amazing , it has no harsh fumes and horrible odors for working inside. I will share more pics of how I made stain and what I did later on.

the frozen days 041and the best part is it dried super fast , no long hours to wait !

the frozen days 045

Until my little monsters are back in school projects will waite. We have had a lot of fun crafting & baking.

the frozen days 032


Becky advice needed & the deep freeze

I am ready to get back in our “normal” routine from the holidays but we are going to enjoy a few more days of snuggling and batman adventures due to the deep freeze going on outside.

IMG_0132 - Copy

I am seeking so advice on getting my blog over to I have hosting already from Hostgator ( I have used them for years and my clothing website is through them. I also have my domain name. And a theme ready to be installed once the move is made. Emily from Blogaholics Designs is amazing to work with.


My question is any advice on doing so , is there an inexpensive way to have someone make the move for me? or is this something I can take on myself? Any input appreciated.



{recipe} for MMS milk paint

Have you tried MMS milk paint yet? Have you been wanting too and still afraid to mix it?

Think of it like a recipe.


 Doenst mater if you cook like me ( guesstimate measurements) or you follow exactly what the recipe says. That is how we get our own comfort zone and style here in MMS paint world.

recipie for mms 015I had recieved¬†some extra product in the mail from the fabulous All Dolled Up (her customer service gets a A+ from me). Inspired by her containers she uses in her store came this post & made me think of a recipe for “cooking”. I have mixed colors many of times but never thought to share in this way.
Here is what I like to mix with , good old plastic fork and dollar store plastic cups.

recipie for mms 018

Measurements for today’s recipe is I first mix¬†1/4 c paint to 1/4 c warm water. MMS french enamel here.

recipie for mms 019

I next mix my second color (boxwood) the same way and in a separate cup. 1/4c paint to 1/4c warm water. TIP: I always mixe my colors separate and then combine small amounts at a time to achieve what I want. In this case I added most of the boxwwod I had mixed.

recipie for mms 022

Next, not quiet what you want? Time¬†to add¬†some seasoning … my choice happens to be January’s color of the month Ironstone, I mixed a 1/8 c and added it.

recipie for mms 025

here is my “batter” all ready to go.

recipie for mms 026I think I will “icing” my piece with some yummy….

recipie for mms 028

Happy painting! Cant wait to see  what you cook up,




A quick peek into some projects I am finishing up in our winter weather here. Lots of snow= finished projects on the way.

IMG_0729 IMG_0675IMG_0338MMS milk paint blog can be found here:

All Dolled Up here:

Thanks ladies for all the inspiration!


Now that its 8 days until Christmas and we still have no holiday day card and the¬†“perfect family picture”. I thought I would do ours a little different this year. So here is¬†the truth¬†“captured” in many pictures ūüôā

The truth is we are a bit of a hot mess¬† ….


summer 2013 106

We are not so sure about Santa and run away screaming-n-all….


more of a dance-in-our-undies-no-I-am-NOT-wearing-clothing-kinda-kiddos….

jp undies

summer 2013 179




1000554_10200906054046541_2115959856_n 1441330_10201964726312686_555814862_n



IMG_0779 - Copy



Football loving <3…


summer 2013 422 IMG_2488 IMG_2437 IMG_2425 IMG_2564 IMG_2567

Kinda Family.




warm holiday wishes and blessing to each and everyone. & a happy new year ….

(to infinity & beyond)


Have yourself a merry little Christmas this year ūüôā

IMG_0346-001 IMG_0464-001God bless,

The McElroy’s


My next makeover project & the weekend

We had a full weekend here.

Between Holiday festivities in town

(A little pre parade fun with Uncle Jon at the Coffee Stop.)


all the candy they got at the parade (and my kids are still zipping around the house) ….


I have also been busy making holiday gifts and filling orders.


So I didn’t get to work much on other projects. I did however find time to play around with my new camera.

The big kids and I went over to my brother in-laws house they helped him decorate the tree and me, I took some pics.



His jelly of the month certificate my oldest gave him last year. we just love christmas vacation.


Some old family decorations ‚̧ .


He has a great collections of old books and things.


and the tree.


after this I came home and downloaded Kristen Dukes e-book say no to auto. It’s 10$ and worth every penny for a beginner like me.

her book can be found here:

These dark pictures I snapped at my brother in laws of the kids turned out dark and this prompted the need to learn more.


Cant wait to share what I have learned. I immediately started looking at the lighting and changing my settings here is on pic I took of the boys tree in their room. After reading Kristen’s book.



My Craigslist find.


She (the chair) has great bones. I have already devised a plan and started making this beauty over. I am stripping the chair with some eco strip I got from my local true value. Will be my first time using a spray bottle with stripper… will take notes and share for sure. I plan to stain this a dark walnut and¬†upolster¬†the top, arms and¬†slip cover the¬†cushion. That makes for easy care with 4 kids. I cannot wait to share. I am taking lots of pics so you too can do yourself.



The Holidays :)

I must admit there was a time I let my business run me, especially around the holidays  & missed many of special moments because I had taken on too much sewing. Dont get me wrong I love every minute of it but that balance we are always seeking life.

Thursday, was an especially¬†busy day here at my house I had to start and wrap up a few projects,had a few¬†orders to ship. Make breakfast , pack lunches, do laundry and get everything ready for the kid’s school performance.


Well after my daughter’s hair was curled just the way she wanted. No time for dinner, so the pizza was ordered (something had to give, I am not super mom). She requested that I make her dress I had made¬†¬†her more sparkle and add a frosty…. um ok…. its 5pm I have 30 minutes…

as I go down to my stash of fabric and turn on my machine to “whip” up something fabulous;

I reflected in that moment to years past. I am ashamed¬†to admit I have missed many a school functions¬†due to the fact I had orders to sew… piles …. totally blessed….totally insane at the same time.¬†We have had a lot of twist and turns this year lead me to enjoying the holiday season this year and working smarter… can’t work less with 4 kids.

I paused in my thoughts & spotted a tee on top of a pile of fabric scraps. It has a frosty & he lights up, double-score!

¬†I immediately¬†cut Frosty off the tee…. yep that happened.


rummaged through my scraps and grabbed some heat n bond and fired up the machines, iron & glue gun…


My daughter went through my stash of button and embellishments I use in my crafting craziness, mostly last years left overs.


As I finished up in just a few minutes to spare, I realized how special this was to my 9-year-old daughter.


I have been working smarter and harder. But also making time to soak up those crazy holiday moments.