{recipe} for MMS milk paint

Have you tried MMS milk paint yet? Have you been wanting too and still afraid to mix it?

Think of it like a recipe.


 Doenst mater if you cook like me ( guesstimate measurements) or you follow exactly what the recipe says. That is how we get our own comfort zone and style here in MMS paint world.

recipie for mms 015I had recieved some extra product in the mail from the fabulous All Dolled Up (her customer service gets a A+ from me). Inspired by her containers she uses in her store came this post & made me think of a recipe for “cooking”. I have mixed colors many of times but never thought to share in this way.
Here is what I like to mix with , good old plastic fork and dollar store plastic cups.

recipie for mms 018

Measurements for today’s recipe is I first mix 1/4 c paint to 1/4 c warm water. MMS french enamel here.

recipie for mms 019

I next mix my second color (boxwood) the same way and in a separate cup. 1/4c paint to 1/4c warm water. TIP: I always mixe my colors separate and then combine small amounts at a time to achieve what I want. In this case I added most of the boxwwod I had mixed.

recipie for mms 022

Next, not quiet what you want? Time to add some seasoning … my choice happens to be January’s color of the month Ironstone, I mixed a 1/8 c and added it.

recipie for mms 025

here is my “batter” all ready to go.

recipie for mms 026I think I will “icing” my piece with some yummy….

recipie for mms 028

Happy painting! Cant wait to see  what you cook up,




A quick peek into some projects I am finishing up in our winter weather here. Lots of snow= finished projects on the way.

IMG_0729 IMG_0675IMG_0338MMS milk paint blog can be found here:


All Dolled Up here:


Thanks ladies for all the inspiration!

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