My next makeover project & the weekend

We had a full weekend here.

Between Holiday festivities in town

(A little pre parade fun with Uncle Jon at the Coffee Stop.)


all the candy they got at the parade (and my kids are still zipping around the house) ….


I have also been busy making holiday gifts and filling orders.


So I didn’t get to work much on other projects. I did however find time to play around with my new camera.

The big kids and I went over to my brother in-laws house they helped him decorate the tree and me, I took some pics.



His jelly of the month certificate my oldest gave him last year. we just love christmas vacation.


Some old family decorations ❤ .


He has a great collections of old books and things.


and the tree.


after this I came home and downloaded Kristen Dukes e-book say no to auto. It’s 10$ and worth every penny for a beginner like me.

her book can be found here:

These dark pictures I snapped at my brother in laws of the kids turned out dark and this prompted the need to learn more.


Cant wait to share what I have learned. I immediately started looking at the lighting and changing my settings here is on pic I took of the boys tree in their room. After reading Kristen’s book.



My Craigslist find.


She (the chair) has great bones. I have already devised a plan and started making this beauty over. I am stripping the chair with some eco strip I got from my local true value. Will be my first time using a spray bottle with stripper… will take notes and share for sure. I plan to stain this a dark walnut and upolster the top, arms and slip cover the cushion. That makes for easy care with 4 kids. I cannot wait to share. I am taking lots of pics so you too can do yourself.



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