Dining room chair revamp

I started with 6 of these beauties. How I got this dinning set is really a neat story, I will share when the table is done.


I painted them in chalk paint, pure white. Lightly distressed. And sealed with a clear wax.


No onto the seat cover…

seat covers are not in bad shape and in fact I like the fabric.

But they are a little dingy and dusty from being used a long time .

Re covering a chair cousin is super simple and requires no sewing 😉 A great way to revamp an old chair.

I start by removing the staples, yes with a screw drive, it’s what I had handy and works great.


Then my surprise underneath, another layer of fabric. I removed it the same way & set aside to use as a pattern piece.


The original cushions were in great shape and left as is.


I then took my “pattern” piece and cut a 1/2″ more out around the fabric to allow plenty of extra.


Now here is a tip if working with a pattern or strip fabric I grab my frog painters tape. Then I tape along the edges. This way I can flip cushion over to make sure pattern/ print is placed how I want


Then I stapled the edges & trim excess fabric …


and no she is ready for the chair 🙂


This is one of 6 for my sisters dining room, super excited to do this set for her.


Love how it turned out.


 now I off to finish some orders & strip the top of a desk 😉 Still waiting on the paint for the table to arrive, she is going to be trophy grey , ekk!



Incase you want the same fabric it was about 7$ a yard & great weight for home decor.


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