Etsy, FaceBook, gearing up for projects & a helper

This I originally posted on Oct 21, 2013 

I had another post in mind for my second blog post but, after a great email response to the first post over half the questions were about selling a handmade product and where to begin. Etsy and Facebook are great jumping points and how I built a base of customers and repeat clients. These are great free or inexpensive places to start. When I first started Etsy was just a blurb in the back of country living magazine that my mother in law saw and passed along to me. Well since then it is huge and still growing . I first opened my Etsy shop and I didn’t get the courage to list a item for almost a year , yes I was scared and did not know what to expect , so I kept dragging my feet until one day I jumped right in and soon after my old school blackberry email starting beeping with sales one after another . Quickly (not instantly) but,  over a short period of time I reached 80 sales mostly custom orders and multiple outfits / dresses. My first point is if you are waiting for the PERFECT time, there may never be one unless you jump right in and put yourself out there. Believe me I have had epic fails , bumps in the road and great ideas the worked better than I could imagine. In many ways I feel I am the jump right in and take a chance place again by starting this blog and new journey. Below is the first dress I listed to sell on Etsy. A simple pillowcase dress, I once made 30 of these in a month. I no longer sell on Etsy and have not for about 1 1/2.  I got to a point, in a good way, I was busy enough on my own and Facebook, after all I am only one girl.


Facebook was and still is an important part of getting your products to be seen and out there , my pages grew and growing steadily , at first I was overly concerned about how many fans I have and my numbers. Then I realized what kind of buyers I wanted and wanted to attract were more important not the numbers. I have been very (in an overwhelmingly grateful kind of way) to have the very best customers , whom many I now call friends. Truly blessed. My last point for this post on selling is your pictures, I am not a photographer and only have a outdated iphone. I have two apps that I use phototoaster and instagram these are great for getting quick clear pics. I also have many of times and highly recommend working in trade with photographers, I happened to have a few as customers and that I have traded services with sometimes. However, it can get costly to make a lot for free and many times I would just give a discount. So if you have a friend with a camera maybe she has a little girl that would like a bow and take some pics for you to use on Etsy and Facebook 🙂 . Here are just a few pics from photographers of my designs.




Lemonadeleggings copy

Today I am gearing up for some new projects. I seriously have some great neighbors who dropped this off Friday afternoon , may just look like a pile of old wood to you , but to me I see lots of cute handpainted signs to be made 😉

junque1 078

Next this great dresser I rescued thanks to a friend, I am making this new again after a few minor repairs, some paint and the help of my 3 year old. I just know I am going to want to keep this one when done , but I am open to selling it too. I will be sure to post the process and finished pics once I am done.

beautiful old dresser
beautiful old dresser
some milk paint mixed
some milk paint mixed
and a helper
and a helper

Now I am off to finish a cup of coffee and stalk my phone some more… waiting to hear from a friend about a new piece of “junque” she had spotted for me 🙂 What a great way to start a Monday for me! Maybe not for the hubby , I am really starting to take over his spot in the garage!

xoxo becky

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