{not} so pretty pictures….

I have been driving myself nuts about pictures I have some really beautiful furniture pieces finished and ready to sell also, some just for my home. I have failed , for now at capturing the piece.  The beautiful layers of blues and the tigers eye maple that shows through in this super chippy milk paint piece. I tend to only want to share my successes as a seasoned DIY mama, but I was thinking the other night what draws me to my favorite websites, products and blog…. the pictures. Its all visual. Then it hit me that was the advice I was just given from a pro blogger, MMS herself, “blogs are visual”.  Who wants to see a dark blah photo? (BTW sorry for the big dark blah photo here)

chippy blue 020-001

Really pictures have always been my crutch.  It is no secret I have shared before I do not have a camera (it was old and broke) other than my outdated iphone. I heavily relied on the pictures of my photographer partners with my clothing line. I also relied on my talented friends with cameras. I can’t have them drop everything in there super busy lives to snap a few quick pics.

I love the way LULU Photography captured my hand drawn- hand cut applique. She is an amazingly talented mama <3. It is truly a art and she captures it perfect every time.


I know apps like photo toaster and instagram are fabulous when the lighting is right. I took this picture outside this summer of my 3 year old, I edit it in phototoaster. Isnt he sweet 🙂 Not bad for just a quick phone pic.

summer 2013 246

But when I come inside to take pictures of things I created, painted etc……In reality I can’t call my photographer friends everytime I need a quick picture  or ship a large empire dresser to another state to be professionally photographed.  My pictures are mostly dark. I tore apart my downstairs yesterday rearranging. I was determined and inspired to get a nice clean , crisp , bright picture of a recently painted dresser I did.


 Fail…. a {not} so pretty picture…. I wanted to capture what I see here in person. I am not a photographer and leave that to my professional and talented friends.  But I want pics I can be proud of to share with you,  my tutorials and DIY projects. Not a *dark*color way off* ugly* kind of pics. I want to feel confident enough to link a piece of mine up to another blog for a contest or link party. Like perfectly imperfect contest here:


My point for today…. I am still entering my piece today at Perfectly Imperfect blog even though I lack in photography skill, I need to put myself out there and grow from each experience. My 9 year old daughter put it best “mom you teach yourself everything”. So its time I put on my big girl pants and conquer my crutch , photography. I am going to read, research , grow and maybe even  invest in a camera. Nothing too fancy or expensive, one that I can learn and grow enough to take a clear pic.  I am sure I won’t regret capturing more “unblurred” memories of my 4 kiddos. Maybe, a pretty picture of what I created along the way. If you know of any good tutorials , or maybe have some wisdom to share on photography, please do share.  😉

xoxo Becky

If you want to read more about this makeover of this dresser you can find it here :


3 thoughts on “{not} so pretty pictures….

  1. The difference a decent camera can make!! You obviously know how to frame your photos (not add too much extra, not cut anything out). I would talk to your friends, but definitely go to the store and sit there with the camera on the security lead, and play with the settings. All it takes is a quality camera, go medium to higher price range.

    I got a Cannon Rebel T3i for Christmas a year ago, and boy what a difference it made. I know how to use a lot of the settings, but I can still muck things up – however, to my sisters eye, who isn’t trying to be a photographer, my images are always beautiful and interesting. So much so that she went and got herself one, not knowing how to use more than 5% of the settings (lol, like auto with flash, and auto without flash). She’s been playing with it, which is awesome, but she just wanted good quality photos of her daughter. 🙂

    I hope you have a fun time finding what you want!! I love taking photos, it’s an obvious hobby of mine. 😛

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